Advertising Policy

  1. Both ads and magazines, which are privately funded, are exempt from editorial decisions. JURNAL SCIENTIA does not accept any good or service labeled in JURNAL SCIENTIA publications as advertising or sponsored by a supporter. Editorial content is not affected by economic or financial considerations, or by any particular relationships with companies or sponsors of commercials.
  2. JURNAL SCIENTIA retains the right to reject any form of the commercial, which is detrimental to the JURNAL SCIENTIA brand or which is unacceptable to the content carried on the JURNAL SCIENTIA network.
  3. JURNAL SCIENTIA would not allow an advertisement in goods or services which are considered to be detrimental to health (e.g., cigarettes and alcohol).
  4. It should not be deceptive or false and should be verifiable. The advertising should specifically describe the advertiser and the product or service provided. It will not permit simplified or extravagantly worded copies. Advertisements will not be approved if they appear indecent or objectionable in text or works of art, or if they refer to the substance of a family, cultural, ethnic, s
  5. If an ad has been placed online, whether the Editor(s)-in-Chief or Publisher orders its withdrawal, it will be removed from the journal platform at any point.
  6. Any medicinal or drug-specific advertisement to be aimed at a single article(s) or on any website where material refers to the product(s) being marketed. (Advertisers must not connect to publications using keywords; they must not promote ads for a particular product under the condition that it appears in the same place and at the same time as a specific article referencing that product).
  7. All commercials for drug-specific promotions must comply with the applicable laws regulating ads in Indonesia. Details about the current regulations and recommendations about best practices can be found on the JURNAL SCIENTIA website. Advertisers should make the campaign authorization and description of product characteristics accessible to JURNAL SCIENTIA upon submission of their advertising.
  8. Both drug-specific marketing ads should promote fair and reasonable use and should not be deceptive.
  9. There needs to be a decisive difference between advertising and editorial content. JURNAL SCIENTIA won't publish "commercial" material, and the funded supplements, as such, must be explicitly stated if a supplement has not been peer-reviewed or has undertaken a peer review-process other than the rest of the journal that should be specified.
  10. Editorial judgments would not be affected by existing or future supporters and marketers, and campaign choices won't affect them. Advertisers and supporters have no authority or impact over the outcome of searches by keyword or search subject a person may conduct on the website.
  11. If any commercial is demanded outside the traditional advertising roles of JURNAL SCIENTIA, then an editorial request should be made that will respond with a complete and final decision within two business days.
  12. Details on concerns about advertising will appear on the Advertising page.
  13. When you visit our website, we partner with third-party advertising companies to serve ads and collect certain information. During your visit to this website, these companies may use cookies or web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information [not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number] to help show advertisements on other websites that are also likely to be of interest to you. To learn more about this "behavioral advertising" practice or to opt-out of this use of your anonymous information, you can visit here.

Advertising complaints policy

Please send any complaints about advertising to

Advertising Standards Authority(ASA)

The Advertising Standards Authority investigates complaints about published medicines advertisements and ensures compliance with the Indonesia Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion, which include a section on JURNAL SCIENTIA advertising. It also monitors in-press advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, and the Internet. Advertising directed at Manajemen Science professionals is exempt from advertising and sales promotion codes in Indonesia.