• Jurnal Scientia

    Education is a conscious and systematic effort, carried out by people who are responsible for the participation of students who have nature and character following the ideals of education. Education is to guide all the strengths that exist in children so that they, as humans and members of society, can achieve safety and happiness that is determined. In modern times the learning system is increasingly sophisticated because teachers must always follow the times so that the learning process is following the conditions that occur—learning tendencies that often happen in the education world. Therefore the publisher Sean Institute developed a scientific journal to accommodate all works in the field of learning with content.

    1. Learning Effectiveness
    2. Analysis of the Effect of Learning
    3. Application of Learning Models
    4. Development of Learning Media


    INFOKUM is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Sean Institute which has been published since 2014. The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of computer science. INFOKUM is consistently published two times a year in June and December. This journal covers original article in computer science that has not been published. The article can be research papers, research findings, review articles, analysis and recent applications in computer science. The scope of INFOKUM covers, but is not limited to the following areas: Data Mining, Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks, software engineering.

  • Software X : Business Software & Education Magazine

    The Software X : Business Software & Education Magazine deals with two types of sources of information listed below, along with an overview of the operations performed on them: Text Cross language information retrieval, Quetion Answering, Summarization, Geographic Information Retrieval, Web Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Peer-to-Peer, Data Mining, Enterprise Search. Multimedia Image, Music, Sound, and Video Retrieval Speech Recognition & Speech Synthesis Machine Translation Speaker Identification Research Topics:
    Aims and Scopes:
    1. Discrete Mathematics
    2. Theorem Prover
    3. Program Refinement
    4. Model Checker
    5. Graph Mining
    6. Software Quality Assurance especially for Free/ Open Source Software
    7. Program Verification
    8. Software Correctness and Reliability
    9. Security Protocol
    10. Computational logic
    11. Software Testing and Test-Bed Generator
    12. Computational Linguistics
    13. Information Management
    14. Natural Language Processing
    15. Information Retrieval
    16. Plagiarism detection
    17. Data Mining