The Software X : Business Software & Education Magazine deals with two types of sources of information listed below, along with an overview of the operations performed on them: Text Cross language information retrieval, Quetion Answering, Summarization, Geographic Information Retrieval, Web Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Peer-to-Peer, Data Mining, Enterprise Search. Multimedia Image, Music, Sound, and Video Retrieval Speech Recognition & Speech Synthesis Machine Translation Speaker Identification Research Topics:
Aims and Scopes:
1. Discrete Mathematics
2. Theorem Prover
3. Program Refinement
4. Model Checker
5. Graph Mining
6. Software Quality Assurance especially for Free/ Open Source Software
7. Program Verification
8. Software Correctness and Reliability
9. Security Protocol
10. Computational logic
11. Software Testing and Test-Bed Generator
12. Computational Linguistics
13. Information Management
14. Natural Language Processing
15. Information Retrieval
16. Plagiarism detection
17. Data Mining